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Yep, Fashionzella went to Cancún.

One of the most amazing destinations of Mexico! 


You are probably asking yourselves, why Cancún? 

Let’s start saying that it’s one of the most beautiful tourist places of Mexico, Cancún has an incredible potencial, the cristal clear Ocean. For most part of the year and unlike other oceans, Cancún’s is always warm!!


This vacation, on our opinio lasted too little, it gave us a lot of emotions. It started on a Friday morning and ended the next Tuesday, it made us dream and have fun at the same time.


The direct flight from Chicago took us to Cancún’s airport. The flight roundtrip with Spirit Airlines costed 280$ each it was not that expensive cause of course we flew from the usa.

The view was breath taking, the sky was clear so it gave us the opportunity to see the islands in the ocean that made all look better.


We stayed at the hotel Aloft of Cancún, the hotel was at less than 5 minutes walk from the ocean and at about 5 minutes walk from the night life.



Unfortunately Cancún’s ocean on August it was not in it best conditions, the algaes made it look dirty and sometimes it was uncomfortable swimming in it. Talking to the citezens, the perfect times to visit Mexico an its splendors is winter season: November, December and January.

We were a little bit dissapointed but we didn’t stop enjoying the trip!


What to do in Mexico besides Cancún?

Well, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum are one of the favorite destinations. The ocean it’s magnificient in the winter season, even better than Cancún’s. In tulum we discovered one of the most  amzing Gran Cenotes of mexico, an underground cave with an only 10$ entrance each, it has additionals activities such as snorkeling, the best part of these caves it’s the cristal clear water! You get to see all kinds of different animals like tartles, fishes and BATS!



Being big fans of dance and music we couldn’t not go at the mos famous clubs! Mandala Beach Club was our favorite! A party that started at 11 am and lasted till 7 pm with non stop mui and ocean sic, food, pool, jacuzzi and ocean all included!

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Thank you so much for being with us,

See you soon!



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