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As you all know I, Laila, moved to the United States on September 2017!

Being in a different country with different foods, cultures and life styles changed me a lot.

It changed me in better ways like I’m more self-confident and independent, but unfortunately it changed me in bad ways too. I gained 10 kg (almost 20 pounds), I luckily lost 7 of those kilos but I still had to deal with my face though!

Why? Well here the food is totally different from what I was used to eat in Italy! There is more sugar, more conservatives than made my skin have huge breaks out!

I was disgusted by the way that my face looked like.

But I’m here to make maybe somebody’s else experience go better that why I’m exposing myself!

I really looked like this for more than 5 months. I don’t care about what you think and I’m not ashamed of showing it to you guys, this was the real me! No photoshop and no filters.

I was almost given up, I couldn’t find a cure for this. Luckily one day on my Instagram stories I found Curology.

This company changed literally my life!

Curology customizes a bottle of cream only for you. You get to talk to a dermatologists online that will try to understand your “acne/breakouts” case. In less than two weeks I received my first free bottle at home! Free? Oh yes! You get the chance to try it for free and if you don’t like it you have totally the right to say it and not buy the next one.

I started using it every night, now I drink a lot of water (it’s true it helps a lot), I stopped drinking cow milk cause yes I’m lactose intolerant, and here in the US I got even worse.

After almost 6 months my skin was completely different! A new me!!

I should just show you right?


One of the best products ever! I’ve been showing my skin off without make up everyday. Unfortunately for my Italian friend Curology doesn’t ship its products outside the USA. They are working their best to satisfy their first customers before being international.

Here me again:

For more info contact me on Instagram.

Thank you for reading,


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