Get flawless skin with: Curology

        As you all know I, Laila, moved to the United States on September 2017! Being in a different country with different foods, cultures and life styles changed me a lot. It changed me in better ways like I’m more self-confident and independent, but unfortunately it changed me in bad ways too.Continue reading “Get flawless skin with: Curology”

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, la città dei sogni. Stanchi di visitare le solite città e ritrovarvi in posti pieni di turisti? Atlanta è qualcosa di diverso, è una città piena d’arte e modernità, divertente e calorosa! Partite da New York City con un bus il nostro trip verso Atlanta è durato più o meno 16h! Ebbene si abbiamoContinue reading “Atlanta, Georgia”


Ita: Continua a leggere Yep, Fashionzella went to Cancún. One of the most amazing destinations of Mexico!  You are probably asking yourselves, why Cancún?  Let’s start saying that it’s one of the most beautiful tourist places of Mexico, Cancún has an incredible potencial, the cristal clear Ocean. For most part of the year and unlikeContinue reading “Cancún”