Katia and Laila

Hi i’m Katia, i’m going to skip the part where i tell you when and where i was born (because you will see it on my social media), i want to say that i’m a weird person and a little talkative (in real life) and thank to this that on an amazing day happened that… 

” I always spent my days thinking about what I wanted to be when I grow up, can you believe it that I’m still thinking about it? I finally got to an idea on Jenuary 2018 after a little trip in Tuscany, that gave me the opportunity to discover new horizons and to look into myself. I thought that it was time to put some light  in my messy life, so I started a blog in collaboration with my litlle sis!



…. Yep! here we are guys. Even thoght the distance (because I’m currently living in the United States), and an annoying time zone, I got thousands of text and vocal messages on whatsapp. I was like, WHAT? As soon as i opened my eyes I relized that everything that my big sis was talking about was BLOG. I got her point right away, sharing the same passions and interests I decided to make this happened before she would have changed her mind. Trust me! she changes her mind so quickly that I can’t keep up! 94DA8560-682D-4455-A795-7B86E8CD690F
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